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13 September 2006 @ 11:25 am
The Royal Army! Volunteer for the I.E. Derby Divas!  

Inland Empire Derby Divas want you for the Royal Army!

The hottest girls on skates are now recruiting for all posistions to help out with bout and event production. This is a great way to become involved with the league and show your love.

Here is a list of some of the positions we need. If you can help in any way that maybe isn't covered here, just email me to let me know.

*Security- keeping the entrances, audience, and parking lot safe.

*Box office- ticket sellers, ticket takers, ticket printers, businesses willing to sell our tickets in their shops.

*Concessions- food and beverage sellers, snack bar, etc.

*D.J.'s, announcers and sound guys- working the PA and music

*Entertainment for halftime shows- dancers, bands, magic acts, contortionists, etc.

*Medical staff- we need at least two licenced EMT's there for the safety of the skaters and crowd.

*Production crew- set up and break down of track space, seating, band performance space, D.J. both, keeping track safe durring bouts.

*Water boys and water girls- keeping the skaters hydrated!

*Refs- we need folks who are willing to come to one practice a week, with gear, learn the rules and skaters. Then come to bouts and make calls on the plays.

*Advertising- printing and/or passing out flyers, Get the word out!

To sign up for any of these catagories or if you can think of something I haven't, please e-mail me at cherryflamegrrl@sbcglobal.net or feel free to message me back at www.myspace.com/cherryflamegrrl.